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Hot Affordable Casio CTK Keyboards for sale

   Welcome to Playthepianos. This time, I want to show you some used keyboards you can purchase from us, and guess what – they are all at affordable prices. BENEFITS OF BUYING FROM US – Very quality service – You can swap to a higher keyboard

The Unbelievable Major Pentatonic Scale

The major pentatonic scale- by David R. Henry Just a hint: what does ‘penta’ mean?    12356……. No, I didn’t forget how to count. That’s a secret code that will change your life. It’s used all over the planet and opens the door to a

Tonic solfa of Higher Ground

Tonic solfa of Higher ground (Mo ntesiwaju l’ona na) This post contains the correct and complete tonic solfa of Higher Ground    Higher ground is a very popular hymnal. The song was written by J. Oatman, being led by the Spirit. This is just a

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