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Yamaha Montage 8 for sale

New Yamaha Montage 8 for sale. Order now!

Yamaha Montage 8 workstation

Welcome to PlayThePianos. A review of the monstrous Yamaha Montage 8 workstation keyboard.

Price: ₦ 1,575,315

Description of Yamaha Montage 8

   Built on the legacy of Yamaha’s groundbreaking DX and Motif series keyboards, the Yamaha Montage 8 is driven by its programmable Motion Control matrix, which gives you fluid, interactive command over two powerful synthesis engines. Glide your fingers over Yamaha’s premium aftertouch-enabled, 88-note Balanced Hammer Action keybed. Modulate multiple parameters in real time with the aptly named Super Knob.

Yamaha Montage 8 for sale

   Motion Control Synthesis, AWM2, and FM-X

The Motion Control Synthesis Engine controls and unifies Montage’s two sound engines, AWM2 and FM-X. AWM2, powered by Yamaha’s proprietary data compression and sound playback technology, delivers amazingly realistic sound reproduction, and almost ten times the waveform capacity of Yamaha’s MotifXF workstation! If you need a sophisticated synth engine, FM-X can deliver everything from vintage ’80s to modern EDM sounds, all with impressive dynamic range and sonic fidelity. Boasting an 8-operator FM architecture and 128-note polyphony, FM-X arms you with a massive sound design arsenal.

   It’s called the Super Knob for a reason. Yamaha Montage 8 for sale.

Yamaha fitted their Montage models with a stroke of genius – the Super Knob. This appropriately named control lets you execute one-hand dynamic sound modifications, from subtle to severe. With the Super Knob, you can control multiple parameters at once. You can, for instance, change the ambient perspective of an instrument or a vocal, shooting it from in-your-face to deep inside a cave, and then back again. Need both hands on the keyboard? Assign the Super Knob to a foot controller. However you use it, you’ll never cease to be amazed and delighted by the Super Knob.

Yamaha Montage 8

   Expressive, interactive Motion Sequences

The Yamaha Montage synthesizers are specified with a nifty feature called Motion Sequences – tempo-synched (and totally customizable) control sequences that you can assign to any parameter. With dedicated front-panel controls, Motion Sequences makes it effortless to manipulate and morph your patches in real time, with inspiring interactivity and deep expression.

   Envelope Follower lets you modulate with audio

With the Montage’s onboard Envelope Follower, you can use any audio as a modulator for any synth parameter. You could take a drum loop, for instance, and drive FX parameters with it to create interesting rhythms. Or take a vocal and control multiple parameters with it for a robotic effect. You can even use live audio coming in via the Montage’s A/D input as a source.

   Powerful DSP effects engine

Montage series synths are fortified with a powerful DSP effects engine that delivers everything from gloriously high-def reverbs to meticulously detailed VCM (Virtual Circuit Modeling) FX. All with stunning sound quality. Effects such as Vinyl Break, Bit Crusher, and Beat Repeat are ideal for contemporary EDM production. Create a cool ducking effect with a sidechain compressor, or go full retro with the vintage-flavored VCM Phaser or Analog Delay. Crank up your favorite Amp Simulator. If you’re a pianist, you’ll enjoy a realistic playing experience with piano-centric effects such as Damper Resonance and HD reverbs that put you right in the performance space.

New Yamaha Montage 8 price

Key Features of Yamaha Montage 8

Aftertouch-enabled, 88-note Balanced Hammer Action keybed

Stereo 128-note polyphony, for full stereo sound without note stealing

Motion Control matrix gives you fluid command over 2 powerful synthesis engines:AWM2 (waveform synthesis)

FM-X (frequency modulation)

Almost 10 times the waveform capacity of Yamaha’s MotifXF

Super Knob lets you modulate multiple parameters in real time

Motion Sequences – tempo-synched control sequences you can assign to any parameter

Envelope Follower lets you use any audio as a modulator for any synth parameter

Powerful DSP effects engine for jaw-dropping, fully realized patches.

Specifications of Yamaha Montage 8


Product Line:MacDan

:Montage 8

Production country:Japan

Weight (kg):33.1


Product warranty:1 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty

To order, please send a message to +2349031821332 on WhatsApp or [email protected]

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