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Solfa notation of I need Thee every hour


Tonic solfa notation of I need Thee every hour..I need Thee o I need Thee

This post contains the tonic solfa of I need Thee O I need Thee, every hour I need Thee (Mo fe O n’gbagbogbo).

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I need thee every hour, 

d’  m’      r’   d’  t         d’

Most gra – cious Lord; 

  d’      d’ r’  d’  l  s

No tender voice like thine 

 s     r’   m’      r’      s      m’  

Can peace afford. 

 d’     t   d’    t l  s

I need thee, O I need thee; 

m’  m’   d’      f’ m’  m’   r’

Every hour I need thee! 

 r’  d’     m’   r’  r’         d’

O bless me now, my Saviour, 

d’   d’      r’    d’       l     s  d’  

I come to thee. 

r’  m’ d’ r’  d’

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Tonic solfa of I need Thee oh I need Thee, Solfa notation of I need Thee oh I need Thee, Tonic solfa notation of Come bless me oh my Saviour.

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