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Awesome Yamaha PSR EW400 for sale

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Yamaha PSR EW400 features

Price: ₦ 209,500


   The PSR EW400 is the top of the line keyboard in PSR E-Series for both piano focused players and live performers. The 76-key touch response keyboard, various easy-to-use professional features and new Live! Grand Piano voice make this a great instrument for practice, performance and creating. 12W + 12W amplifiers drive on-board sound system, and L/R outputsprovide professional connectivity to PA systems or recording hardware.

   The PSR EW400 includes 758 high quality voices ranging from acoustic to electric instruments. The new Live! Grand Piano voice makes piano performances sound inspired and expressive. The PSR-EW400 also features 8 Sweet! voices and 3 Cool! voices which use.

Yamaha PSR EW400 for sale order

Key features

758 high quality voices featuring the new Live! Grand Piano voice

12W + 12W amplifiers with 12 cm Bass Reflexed speakers

76 keys and 48-note polyphony

Individual L/R output

Assignable real-time control knobs, DSP Effects, and Pitch Bend

Connectivity with audio and MIDI capabilities

USB TO DEVICE terminal

Pattern function to create your own grooves – 25 patterns

Arpeggio function

Worldwide sounds support your music

Yamaha Education Suite (Y.E.S.)

Music Database.

Yamaha PSR EW400 Price



Product Line:Meridian Dynamics


Production country:Japan

Size (L x W x H cm):41.2 x 117.8 x 13.8

Weight (kg):8.4


Main material:Plastic

Product warranty:6 Months Manufacturer’s Warranty

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