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Hot Affordable Casio CTK Keyboards for sale

   Welcome to Playthepianos. This time, I want to show you some used keyboards you can purchase from us, and guess what – they are all at affordable prices.


– Very quality service

– You can swap to a higher keyboard within six months after purchase.

– Reliable and Fast service.

– Cheap and Affordable service.

– 6 Months Warranty

– All used keyboards are good as new.

NOTE: All prices are negotiable.

So what are you waiting for? Get your musical instruments today. Here are some you may want to buy:

1. CASIO CTK 2200 62-keys Keyboard

Casio CTK 2200 keyboard Review

Price: 45,000 Naira

State: Used Keyboard 


 Casio CTK 2200 is an easy-to-play keyboard with an appearance resembling that of an acoustic piano. It has the sampling feature which allows you sample sounds from a portable audio player or other audio devices using the audio jack which allows you connect an audio device and play along with the music played through the keyboard’s speakers.


Here are a few features you will njoy if you have this keyboard:

– Tanspose buttons (-12 to +12 semitones).

– 61 keys keyboard: keyboard has 61 keys which are equal to 5 octaves.

– 48-note Maximum Polyphony: this is the number of notes the keyboard can play at the same time. With the 48-note maximum polyphony, you do not have to worry about your extra notes not meeting up with the initial ones and for a keyboard in this price range; it is a very reasonable limit. This keyboard has one of the highest maximum polyphony for a portable keyboard in that price range which makes it a great deal for whoever is buying it.

-400 built-in tones: with 400 built-in tones, you have a whooping variety of tones to choose from and this is even best for people who are just starting out because they can always try and play their favorite songs and with the step-up lesson system, they will master the art in no time.

10 Reverb types: reverberation as it is often called, it is another great feature in this keyboard that I like to use because it makes me feel like my music is totally different from others’. The reverb feature adds spaces to your notes which make it feel farther away and that will make you feel like you’re in dreamland.

– There are 150 built-in rhythms.

-/Auto Accompaniment: this feature is like the built-in back up for you anytime you play songs on the keyboard.

– Voice-fingering guide: the voice fingering guide is one of the most powerful features of a Casio product. This is a whole lot like the Step-up lesson system because the feature will show you on the screen how it your fingers should be placed on the keys because fingering is one of the most important thing when you’re playing the keyboard. With your fingers not properly placed on the keys, you’re more than likely to miss the notes and you won’t like the sound you get in return.

– Performance evaluation: the performance evaluation feature is a little like the step-up lesson system because this feature is what shows you how far you have come with the learning process. It also evaluates your performance and it tells you the bluntest truth of your overall performance.

– Metronome: with this metronome feature, you have a way of keeping tabs on the tempo you’re playing on and also helps you keep the rhythm going. Metronome always sounds like a clock tick when active.

– Sampling Function which allows one sample sounds from a portable audio player and then plays the sound on the keyboard.

– Sustain Jack: this allows connection of the sustain pedal.

– 20cm sized speakers.

– 4W amplifier output.

– USB Terminal for MIDI connectivity.

– LCD Screen which displays information to support your keyboard play.

Words are not enough to tell you about the Casio CTK 2200. Buy yours from us and see for yourself! Call or contact +2349031821332 on WhatsApp for more details and to get yours.


Casio CTK 481 keyboard Review

PRICE: 60,000 Naira.


   61 full-sized keys. 12-note polyphony. 100 PCM tones. 50 rhythm patterns. Casio fingered-chord accompaniment system. 100 demo songs. Other features include LCD display screen, transpose and tuning control, voice fingering guide, MIDI in/out (5-part multitimbral), headphone and sustain pedal jacks, 2 built-in speakers, and a number of instructional features to help you learn to play.


61 full-size keys

12-note polyphony

100 PCM tones

50 rhythm patterns

Casio fingered-chord accompaniment system

100 demo songs

LCD window display

Transpose and tuning control

Voice fingering guide

MIDI in/out (5-part multitimbral)

Headphone and sustain pedal jacks

2 built-in speakers

Instructional features: 1) Use any key to advance melody 2) Try playing along on the keys – accompaniment will wait for you 3) Play along in time with rhythmic accompaniment.

Words are not enough to tell you about the Casio CTK 481. Buy yours from us and see for yourself! Call or contact +2349031821332 on WhatsApp for more details and to get yours.


Casio CTK 571 keyboard Review

PRICE: 67,000 Naira



100 tones

16-note polyphony (max.)

5-channel multi-timbre MIDI

GM simulated mode (GM tone map)

Auto-accompaniments (controllers : synchro/fill-in, start/stop)

100 rhythms

Size (W x D x H) : 961 x 376 x 143 mm

Weight : 5.3 kg

Batteries : D-size x 6

AC adaptor : AD-5

Words are not enough to tell you about the Casio CTK 571. Buy yours from us and see for yourself! Call or contact +2349031821332 on WhatsApp for more details and to get yours.


Casio CTK 611 keyboard Review

PRICE: 55,000 Naira.



61 full-size keys

 Touch sensitive (with on/off switch)

 24-note polyphonic

 192 tones: 128 general MIDI + 32 preset synth tones + 32 user synth tones; 8 drum sets; synthesizer function lets you create and store your own sounds

 Reverb: room, stage, hall settings

 100 rhythm patterns & 100 Free Sessions (automatic chord progressions)

 CASIO CHORD/Fingered Chord/Full-Range Chord auto-accompaniment systems

 Backlit LCD Window (92 x 40 mm) displays selections and status of Tone, Rhythm, Mixer and keyboard functions, and Tempo

 On-screen Keyboard displays notes & chords played, and Metronome icon indicates the beat

 Mixer function allows control over each MIDI channel and accompaniment part

 2 song/6-track Memory, Real Time or Editable Step Time (5200 notes)

 6 Drum Pads

 Pitch Bend pads

 Sustain Pedal jack

 MIDI IN/OUT jacks; 16-part Multi-Timbral

 Transpose and Tuning control

 2 Built-in speakers; 1/4 stereo lineout/headphone jack; 2.5W+2.5W audio system

Words are not enough to tell you about the Casio CTK 611. Buy yours from us and see for yourself! Call or contact +2349031821332 on WhatsApp for more details and to get yours.


Casio CTK 700 keyboard Review

PRICE: 55,000 Naira



The Casio CTK-700 features 61 full-size keys, a mic input with Sing-Along function to add to the fun, and a musical information system display with on-screen icons. In addition, the CTK-700 has 100 rhythms to play along with, auto-accompaniment, built-in speakers, 12-note polyphony, headphone jack, 100 preset tones, a transpose and tuning control, and 100 demo songs. MIDI capable. by 6 AA batteries or optional AD-5 power adapter.


61 full-size keys

Sing-Along function with mic input and volume control

Musical Information system LCD display with on-screen icons

100 rhythms for play along


Built-in speakers

12-note polyphony

Headphone jack

100 preset tones

MIDI capability

Transpose and tuning control

100 demo songs

Words are not enough to tell you about the Casio CTK 700. Buy yours from us and see for yourself! Call or contact +2349031821332 on WhatsApp for more details and to get yours.