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Amazing Yamaha PSR E463 portable keyboard for sale

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Yamaha PSR E463 keyboard
Yamaha PSR E463 price

Yamaha PSR E463 Price: 113,500 Naira.

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Yamaha Psr E463 reviews

   Make powerful music on the fly with the PSR E463 61-Key Touch Response Portable Keyboard from Yamaha. This instrument is your personal toolbox for mastering the art of music production. With an array of professional features including assignable live control knobs, DJ pattern mode and USB to device connectivity, the possibilities of what you can create are endless. Its design consists of 758 high quality voices including 8 Sweet! and 3 Cool!, ranging from acoustic to electric instruments.

   Perform complex passages without dropped notes, 48-polyphony lets you get the most out of your performances. Dual 12 cm bass reflexed speakers and 6W + 6W amplifiers deliver stunning clarity and detail. Power up the Yamaha PSR E463 61 Key Touch Response Portable Keyboard with six AA batteries or an AC Adapter to bring your creativity with you everywhere you go.

KIT INCLUDES: Yamaha PSR E463 61 Key Touch Portable Keyboard, Knox Adjustable Double style Keyboard stand. Yamaha PSR E463 price.

Yamaha PSR E463 Key features

Yamaha PSR E463 61-Key Touch Portable Keyboard w/ 220 Preset Styles – 378 Music Database Titles

758 High Quality Voices – 48-Note Polyphony – Integrated 6W + 6W amplifiers

Live Knob Control Knobs – DJ Pattern Mode

USB Audio & MIDI Connectivity – USB to Device Connectivity

Kit Includes: Yamaha PSR E463 61-Key Touch Portable Keyboard, Adjustable Double X Keyboard Stand. Yamaha PSR E463 reviews.





Size (L x W x H cm):139mm x 946mm x404mm

Weight (kg):6.67


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