Tonic Solfa of Hark the Herald Angels sing (Gbo eda orun nkorin)

 Solfa notation of Hark the Herald angels sing…Joyful, all year nations rise

Tonic solfa of Hark the herald angels sing
Solfa notation of hark the herald angels sing

This post contains the tonic solfa of hark the herald angels sing. It is a very popular Christmas carol hymn.

So below is the Solfa notation of Hark the Herald the Angels sing:

Hark the herald angels sing

   s       d’    d’  t      d’  m’  m’ r’

“Glory to the newborn King!

    s’  s’   s’   f’     m’   r’       m’

Peace on earth and mercy mild

    s       d’     d’      t     d’   m’  m’ r’

God and sinners reconciled”

  s’      r’     r’    t      t     l     s

Joyful, all ye nations rise

 s’    s’    s’   d’   f’   m’   m’ r’

Join the triumph of the skies

  s’      s’    s’     d’     f’  m’  m’ r’

With th’Angelic host proclaim:

    l’       l’     l’   s’     f’     m’    f’

“Christ is  born in Bethlehem”

       r’  m’f’    s’    d’     d’  r’  m’

Hark! The herald angels sing

     l’        l’     l’   s’     f’  m’     f’

Glory to the newborn King!

 r’ m’f’ s’   d’     d’      r’      d’

In Yoruba, this is

Gbo eda orun nkorin:
“Ogo fun Oba t‘a bi”
“Alafia l‘aye yi”
Olorun ba wa laja,
Gbogbo eda nde l‘ayo,
E gberin, at‘oke wa,
Kede pel‘angeli pe
A bi Kristi ni Betlehem‘.

Gbo Eda orun nkorin
Ogo fun Oba t‘a bi.

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