Tonic Solfa of Jesus Lover of my SOUL (Jesu Oluf’Okan mi)


Tonic solfa of Jesus lover of my soul
Solfa notation of Jesus lover of my soul

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Welcome to Playthepianos. This time, we have the Tonic solfa of Jesus Lover of my Soul (Jesu olufe okan mi in Yoruba). Also known as Solfa notation of Jesus lover of my soul. I know of a few number of people who can sing this song.

This post may only be useful to People who are familiar with the song, or people who have the sheet music. Let us dive in..

Solfa notation of Jesus Lover of my Soul

Jesus, Lover of my soul,

m m   m   d    r    r     r

Let me to Thy bossom fly,

 m    m    s     f     m     r     d

While the nearer waters roll

    m     m    m   d     r    r     r

While the tempest still is high;

    m      m      s      f      m   r     d

Hide me, o my Saviour, hide,

   s       s    s   s     l       l        s

Till the storm of life be past;

   s    s        s       s    l     l      s

Safe into the haven guide

   m  m m d     r   r       r

O receive my soul at last.

m m    s      f      m    r     d

In Yoruba Language, this hymn is:

Jesu Oluf‘okan mi,
Je ki nsala s‘aya Re,
Sa t‘irumi sunmo mi.
Sa ti iji nfe soke;
Pa mi mo, Olugbala
Tit‘ iji aye y‘o pin,
To mi lo s‘ebute Re,
Nikeyin, gba Okan mi.

CAC Hymn 258

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