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Tonic solfa of Draw me Nearer (Fa mi mora)

Tonic solfa of I am Thine o Lord (Oluwa, emi sa ti gb’ohun Re)

  This post contains the tonic solfa of I am Thine o Lord (Oluwa, emi sa ti gb’ohun Re). ‘I am Thine o Lord’ is a song that is in the category of Lent and repentance. It is popularly known in all parts of the world, and is sung during the period before Easter (Lent period), as a song to rededicate our lives to Christ again.

  This song is a soul-lifting one. Here is the solfa notation or tonic solfa of Draw me nearer:

Tonic solfa of Draw me Nearer

I am thine, O Lord,

m f      m      r    r

I have heard Thy voice,

r  m       r           d     d

And it told Thy love to me; 

d       t    l       l       l    d l  s

But I long to rise in the arms of faith,

m    f    m   r    r    r   m     r       d   d

And be closer drawn to Thee.

  r     m   f    f       t         t    d

Draw me nearer, nearer, blessed Lord,

m         f     s    m     r      d    t       l      s 

To the Cross where Thou hast died;

d    t      l             d        f        m      r

Draw me nearer, nearer, 

m        f      s      s    m   m

nearer, blessed Lord,

r       d    t        l     f

To thy precious bleeding side.

m   r     d     d      m      r       d

Thanks and God bless. Shalom…✌.

Solfa notation of Draw me nearer, Tonic solfa of draw me nearer, tonic solfa of I am Thine o Lord.