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Tonic solfa of The great Physician (Onisegun nla wa nihin)

Solfa Notation of The Great Physician (Onisegun nla wa nihin)

This post contains the solfa notation or tonic solfa of The Great Physician now is near.

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Tonic Solfa of The Great Physician Now is near

The Great physician now is near,

s         s       m   d  r       m    f    s

The sympathizing Jesus;

l         s    d  m  t       r  d

He speaks the drooping heart to cheer,

s        s         m    d       r       m      f    s

Oh, hear the voice of Jesus!

l         s      d      m      t  r   d

Sweetest note in seraph song

s     l    t      d     s    d t  l     s

Sweetest name on mortal tongue

s      l   t       d       s    d t  l      s

Sweetest carol ever sung:

s         m    d  r   m f     s

Jesus! blessed Jesus!

s   d     m       t   r   d

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