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Piano Seben Vol 3.5 by Levi

Some Seben Riffs for all Musicians

Piano Seben tutorial
How to play Seben on Piano by Levi

Hello, friends. Welcome back to Playthepianos. This post belongs to the Seben category. If you love Seben or Makossa, this would really help you.

This is another Seben video from Levi. In this video, he plays the Seben with about four different Riffs.

Like I mentioned before, Seben is closely associated with Makossa. They go hand-in-hand. While most Makossa players love using the 1-4-5-4 progression, Seben players dominantly prefer the 1-6-4-5 or 1-2-4-5 progression.

So in this Seben video by Levi, you will get wide improvisation and riff ideas to incorporate next time.

At the beginning of the video, he also gave a prelude for the Seben. He played in the Key of Gb (G flat).

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