How to make younger people greet you without forcing them

Have you ever gotten angry when a group of young lads pass you by without even respecting your presence? It happens almost everyday, and it could be really annoying. Everybody is a victim — even the oldest of us.

It is kind of overwhelming to see this disrespectful act on the increase daily. If you are a constant victim, then you might be wondering what you have done wrong to deserve such insolence. Sometimes, you may even think of correcting the kid who did that, and it may end that way – if you are in luck. For some people, they believe in forcing kids to do the right thing, which has a low success rate.

Personally, I don’t coerce younger people to greet or respect me. I believe it is something that will come naturally. I believe everyone should be given an opportunity to think responsibly. Greeting by itself, is not a thing of force. But the thing is, any child that was brought up properly will not overlook it. It is truly an habit that should be cultivated.

There are certain things you could do if you want to do that. These things are based on my personal experience and what worked for me. I believe if you try it, you would be a notable difference.

Respect all elderly ones equal to and older than you

If you want the kids passing by to greet you, you have to show an example. Action and Reaction are equal and opposite.
You would first have to respect people older than you, and then people of the same age bracket with you. But most importantly, if they have elderly ones like parents, elder siblings, grandparents, you would have to show these people some respect first.

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It works better if they find you constantly in the act. I have several experiences when because of my persistence in greeting and showing respect to the mother, the child automatically did the same.

Give a kind and warm response

Everytime a kid – or anyone younger than you – greets you, do ensure that you give a kind response. Don’t reply with disrespect. Don’t reply like a thief. Do it gently and kindly with long and respect too.

Never force anyone to respect you

Respect is not to be forcefully acquired; It is to be earned. Like I stated earlier, if you deserve it, you will get it no matter what happens. Life is not so unfair.

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No matter how much you hate your president, you would respect him if he pays a visit. Do not intimidate anyone amor even threaten them.

Behave like a grown-up

If you still act childishly, please stop it. That is predictably the top reason why you are being disrespected. People don’t take men-like-boys seriously. Wherever you are, behave with maturity.

Don’t excessively laugh or smile. Do it as at when necessary. I advise that you either put a neutral or a serious look. State with the younger ones with confidence. Don’t talk too much. Carry yourself with dignity. Whatsoever kids hear from others, they will use to respond to you.

If you practise this everyday, and come to a point where you know that you no longer are a kid, and that a kid doesn’t honour some other kid, you will earn the respect you want. Life is run on principles.