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How to Get MTN 1GB for 350 Naira, 1 Month Plan

Mobile data is an essential part of every browsing phone. In fact, most people cannot use a phone that lacks internet access. This goes in line with the saying, “Data is Life”.

As Nigerians, in the midst of the economic tides, we are constantly looking for ways to save money, to touch all our pressing needs. Many people have devised crooked ways to achieve this, but there are still a few like — you and I — that will not compromise. We choose to go for data plans that are less costly.
A long time ago, MTN introduced a system of getting data whereby cost is notably reduced. If compared with the prices of the standard data plans, you will see the huge difference. This is called SME.
SME is a system designed to cheapen the cost of sharing data in a business between employees. We all know that businesses need huge amount of data for many things.

For instance, data for research, data for communication and so on. This SME was developed just to cater for that.
Now this SME has extended beyond businesses and companies. As an individual, you can be a beneficiary to this. You do not have to go to any company, you do not have to do anything special; it is just the normal way of subscribing to a data plan, but with a little modification, but yet cheaper. I will teach you how to do this in a moment.

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I myself am a living witness to this. For instance, the standard MTN data plans are:
1GB for 750 Naira – 1 month
1.5GB for 1000 Naira – 1 month.

Look how expensive this is! For people like me, after wasting this large sum of money, the data will not even last up to two weeks. This is where the SME comes in handy. I and many other people — including relatives — have been using this method for over two years.
Although, MTN introduced other cheaper data plans you might want to go for. Here we have, 50 Naira for 200MB and 200 Naira for 1GB, all for two weeks. It is still poor though. You can learn about that (if you haven’t heard of it) through the other post in this blog.

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The advantage of this data plan is that, it is way cheaper than others. Although there are rumours that it does not last long, but based on my experience, this is not true. All MTN data plans last same time. If you desire something that will take you a little bit longer, go for Glo. So, as already exmstablished, the SME plan is good if you want to save up more money for other things.

How to get MTN 1GB FOR 350 NAIRA FOR 1 MONTH

We will not take this tutorial step-wisely because it is direct and straightforward. This is all you have to do
First of all, have at least 500 Naira in your bank account. Why bank account? Because you aren’t going to purchase any recharge card. You will only transfer the money to the vendors to activate it for you. I know this sounds ingenuine and risky, but trust me. You are not going to do me any favour, neither will you send me any card. You will send the SME data vendors.
I have seen many of them come online to advertise. Some are cheaper, some are more expensive. Just make sure you fall into the right hands as we have a lot of scammers, ignoring how small 350 Naira is.
If you want me to recommend some to you, you may drop your comment.
Then negotiate with your vendor. Everything depends solely on the vendor. Some of them accept recharge cards, while others accept only bank transfers. After payment, he knows how he will process it. Make sure you give him the right telephone number to activate the data.

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But if you are skeptic, then you may consider being a data vendor yourself. This way, you can get cheaper data for yourself and also for others. But this is not free, as you must first invest a minimum of 10,000 Naira on data.

Thanks for reading. Sharing is Caring.