How to make Money from Blogging

You’d agree with me that the goal of any business is to make income. Everyone wants all their effort, investments, time put into work to pay off more. Therefore, we are always in a hot search for ways to achieve this, as only a non-profit organisation would be willing to offer services for free without expecting anything in return.

   Today, many businesses are now becoming digital in order to give room for expansion. The businesses we knew once before are the same. It is almost impossible for any business to thrive without seeking for extra help from he internet. 

  Consequently, we have many kinds of businesses hosted full-time on the internet. I mean, they totally depend on the existence of the internet. If the internet crashes today, then off goes such businesses. But it is certain that nothing of such could happen though. The joy that comes from these kind of businesses is that, you can make huge sums of money from them even at the comfort of your bed.
   Among them is the popular blogging. Once blogging is mentioned, I know the air of misconception rises over many. Many people think owning a website is not legit as a result of a high rate of scam Activites on the internet and socialedia today. Well, I am here to correct that manipulated point of view; it is not so.

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If you own a website and you do not know that you could make huge sums of money legally and honestly, then you are missing a whole lot. This article will open your eyes. And for others who think owning a blog or website is just to scam people, you are just about to learn something new.

 There are countless ways to earn good income just by owning a website. The advantage and ease of this is that, you have a large audience waiting for you already. The internet is flooded with a big number of users deep-searching for information to consume every seconds. Apart from this, your customers are available all around the world. So, no limit to work or earning capacity.

  So then, I own a website, can you tell me possible ways to earn?

How to Make Money from your website

1. Offering Advertisement Spaces 

 There is a lot of money to be made by offering Advertisement space on your blog, but be careful not to clog up your blog with too much of advertisement because visitors do not like such; it gives a bad user experience.
   The idea of offering advertisement spaces is that, you give your blog out freely to advertisers to show your blog users what they offer, at a cost. They sure will pay you for this. But the issue is that, getting advertisers is not easy especially for small and developing blogs. It would have been easy if your blog is super popular.
   But luckily, this issue has been dealt with. There are companies that help you search for advertisers and offer them advertising spaces on your blog. One very popular company is Google Adsense. If you have seen advertisements on websites, then it is most likely through Google Adsense.Other companies include Infolinks, Taboola, Revcontent, Mgid, Propeller ads and so on. The goal of this companies is to link advertisers with blogs willing to advertise. Of all, Google Adsense is the most used because it is the most trusted, it pays higher and also, it is owned by Google itself.

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2. Affiliate Marketing

marketing is the next popular method of making money through a website. Big websites use this to make money because of user experience.
  Affiliate marketing means liaising with a company to market their products, and then receiving a percentage from every sale. That’s how simple the idea it. You simply find products from company and market such products; for every sale, you receive a percentage as an income. It is not as hard as you think it is. If you are a good marketer and can convince people to buy a product from your website, then this is the right deal for you.
   There are many companies that offer this opportunity. The most popular is Amazon, the biggest ecommerce website in the world. As a matter of fact, a large percentage of sales and income the company gets is from partnering with affiliates. You too can become an affiliate, not only to bless the pocket of the company, but your pocket.
   Other affiliate companies include Jumia, Konga, ShareASale etc.

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3. Paid Membership 

Not many sites offer this, but yet, the little that offer this with excellence, are making a lot of money. Imagine people could pay before they get a professional service from you.
    Paid Membership is a system in which a website limits the number of resources ordinary visitors can access, but provides this service for free to registered members without limits. Most times, the registered members would have paid a sum of money to become bonafide members and get access to such materials.

    This kind of thing works well for online tutorials and some other field where resources are only made available to exclusive members at an affordable cost.
   Whatever way you want to employ to make money off your site, make sure you offer quality content as Content is King. Nobody will pay for a service that wastes their money.