Health Benefits of Drinking Hot Water

They say, “Water is life”; well, that is true because it has been repeatedly proven. Lest I forget, Water is life only when it is used appropriately.

Water, the most abundant compound known, is an essential part of both living and non living things. It forms an essential part of the ecosystem, that man has to largely depend on it for his survival.
Think of what we do daily; do you think you can survive a day without making use of this priceless compound. You must drink, you must brush, you must take a bath, you must sweat, you must eat. All would be impossible if this compound were non-existent.

Even as useful as the innocent Water is, it could sometimes be harmful. Hence the saying, “when the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable.” This is simply the case with the compound in study. If we are not educated on its proper usage and if we do not maintain adequate discipline to balance the equation, then it would turn out to be a wicked master or a monster.
Through any means, we have heard of the dangers of talking too much of “cold water”; It is detrimental to the health. It is even far more riskier if you take it with oil. But then, you heard the reverse about warm water.

Based on research, warm water has the full potential of saving a life than cold water. This makes more sense if you live in zones with low temperatures, but the effect would almost be negligible if you were living in a tropic region.

You don’t need to take something too hot. I know it feels insane and wicked to “suffer” yourself, by intentionally drinking warm water, but it is actually the best option.
The best time to take warm water is immediately when you awake from sleep and at the moment you are about to sleep. It works best at these times. You are free to take some chilled water to refresh yourself anytime you feel like.

Some of the giant benefits you gain from taking it is that, it prevents constipation, detoxifies the body, relieves nasal congestion, supports blood circulation, can decrease stress, etc.

It prevents constipation

By taking warm or hot water, you can reduce the risk of getting constipation from difficult of movement of food in your bowels and indigestion. Hot water helps to digest food faster than cold water, and also helps in their free movement through the bowels.

It supports blood circulation

This is one of the “invisible” benefits of gulping a cup of hot water. It assists to maintain the optimum temperature of the body, by allowing the easier flow of blood through blood vessels. We do this unconsciously by consuming super hot drinks, coffee tea in the winter in order to stay warm.

It can decrease Stress

You may only know that cold water refreshes the body, but do you know that warm water does the same? Medical research says that, warm water could be used to ease up ourselves during tense period.

It makes the nose less-congested

Yes, mucous and sinuses in the nostrils can be dissolved if you take a “therapeutic” glad of warm water. The temperature helps to do this. This is obvious during winter when we prefer to take hot coffee or tea, and then we have this strange, easing feeling in the nostrils.