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On the History of African Philosophy

On the History of African Philosophy     A conference was organized by the department of Philosophy, SS Peter and Paul Major Seminary, Ibadan, 1995, with the theme: On a History of African Philosophy. The aim of the conference was to present a holistic picture of the

African Philosophy

African Philosophy By: Sylvester I. ODIA INTRODUCTION      The existence of African Philosophy is no more a subject for debate in contemporary times. African philosophers are currently involved in doing African Philosophy using various methods and approaches. In this section on African Philosophy, I

The Problems of Philosophy

The Problems of Philosophy By: Peter OMONZEJELE INTRODUCTION     There are several problems in Philosophy that have defied permanent solutions. These problems have confronted Philosophers from the ancient to he contemporary epoch. Some of these problems are: Freewill determinism, mind and body, the existence

Philosophy of Politics

Political Philosophy By: Peter OMONZEJELE     Political Philosophy is a second-order discipline to Political science. There is the need to clarify the difference between Political Science and Political Philosophy. The Political scientist would ask questions such as: What is authority, democracy and sovereignty etc

Philosophy of Law

Philosophy of Law By: Peter OMONZEJELE     This is the use of Philosophy in critically evaluating the principles of Law. The first question that comes to the mind of the Philosopher is that asked by Dennis Lloyd: Is Law necessary? According to D. Lloyd

Axiology and Logic in Philosophy

Axiology and Logic in Philosophy AXIOLOGY     This is the study of values: the good (ethics) and the beautiful (aesthetic). Ethics is from the Greek work ‘Ethika,’ meaning ‘manners.’ It changed its meaning in English (in the 17th century) to the study of Science

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