Basic things you need to know about Canada visa

Do you want to understand Canada Travel? Do you want to travel for two weeks and do not understand the type of passport you are applying for?

A tourist or foreign visitor may be the best solution if you want to stay in the country for at least half an hour. However, depending on your country, you may not have a visa to enter the country.


A foreign passport, also called a temporary residence permit, is an ongoing document that shows that it has met the basic requirements for entry into the country.

Most travelers need a visitor’s passport to travel and live in Canada. It may also be true that you must carry these visas if you are in transit through a Canadian airport on the way to the end of your trip.


Obtaining such a permit, often, you can stay in the country for six weeks. After registration, the border provider may decide whether to give you six weeks or less – but this is not always the case.

Usually, a passport is issued on your passport the day you leave the country.
What do you really like?
Before applying for a visitor’s visa or travel visa for Canada, check one. You can check through this link. Depending on your Yourasar and the record you will use for the trip, two major options may be offered:

That you need a guest or a tourist passport.
You want a digital travel permit or an eTA.
Although they are all perfect, they are not perfect.

If you need an Electric Travel Partner (eTA) only, then you should not travel. This document will be linked to the passport as it is available in the country.

When you want to get a tourist passport, the process will take some time, but probably not much. You can do all the steps online.

When you first start a project online, the device will recommend if you need to update your fingers and area or not. Depending on your background, there may be some exceptions or questions. In addition, the processing time for this visa varies from country to country.

How much does a tourist ticket cost to Canada?
If you want to get a passport for a trip to Canada, you need to pay in 100. Fees vary slightly depending on your background.

In the eTA example, the cost of this administration is only $ 7, and, on average, you will receive a notification of collection on your email a few minutes after you complete the online process.

Travel for business to Nationasar.
Visit relatives and friends who live there.
Enter and leave the country without any movement.

Have a valid passport, such as a passport.
Take care of your health.
There is no migration or criminal convictions.
Assure the law office that it is related, including work, housing, money or property, which will take you directly to the country of origin.
Make sure the Immigration Officer will leave Canada at the end of your trip.
Make enough money for your stay. The total amount you will need will depend on how long you will stay and when you will be at the hotel or with your friends or loved ones.
You may also need a medical examination and an invitation letter from someone living in Canada.

Who is not eligible in Canada?

Some of us are not eligible in Canada, so they are not allowed to enter the country. It can be unacceptable for many reasons, such as including:

Some kind of criminal activity.

Criminal programs.
You can also write for security, health or financial reasons.

To take care of your passport system the best option is to do all the online services.

They get your needs through the machines.
Life expectancy is less than email.

If they require additional files, they can be sent online.
You can always know the status of your thoughts on your online account.

When you complete the project online.
You have to bring your fingers and senses, in most cases.

The letter will let you know how and where you need to provide your current information. You have up to 30 times to present your creative data (fingers and photos), yourself.

They may also ask you to attend a meeting with Canadian officials on your initiative, to send more information or to check with a doctor and / or police certificate.

Most orders are scheduled within two weeks. The processing time depends on the visa office and you should take any steps.