Canada student visa – Application method

Canadian universities admit more than 200,000 international students each year. They offer an effective training program with 26 universities among the best in the world.

Canada has a good reputation for accepting international students with simple and free scholarship programs such as loans, grants, or free health care.

Canada is always loved by many international students as the first choice.

The best idea is to get your student’s certificate for Canada at the first thought that comes to mind. You may also wonder how difficult it is. After this thing, you will be ready to start and get your passport in a short time.

Here are the steps you need to take to make it easier for you to get a Canadian student passport.


• Choose your favorite college, use it to get your admission letter.

Choosing your University is the first step you need to take to determine the speed of your student visa. You can apply for a student permit after you have decided what kind of college you want to attend, submit your application, and receive a letter of acceptance.

Make sure you provide everything you need, including a copy of your school certificate, financial status, and more. Upon receipt you will receive the required letter of approval for the student document application.

• Canadian student application form

After receiving your admission letter from your favorite university, the next step is to proceed to the application for a Canadian student pass. Student passports at home are also known as student documents (permits or permits to study in Canada.)

Steps To Get Your Student Visa

Online application: this is done under the CIC of Canada
Post on paper: if your website is not strong in your area, using paper is your best bet.
• Submit a letter of acceptance from a university accredited by the Canadian government.
• Ensure adequate financial status to support your studies. They must make sure that you can manage your finances while in Canada for your studies. (Both tuition and living expenses.)
• You have no criminal history
• Medical record: you need to show a complete medical examination to make sure you are in good health and free from cancer.

Based on recent visa requirements If you have relatives working or applying for a work permit in Canada your application for a study permit will be processed within two weeks.
Your visa can be renewed if your plan expands or you change your training center. It is also good for further training.

Permitaliban agrees to complete 90 days after your studies have ended and you can also stay in Canada to travel, explore, or apply for a work permit that will allow you to take a full or part-time job. you can be independent.

Prepare all required documents for student admission in Canada

Some of the documents needed to apply for a Canadian student passport include;
• Student application form completed.
• Original letter of certification from the university
• Passport / travel document that allows you to return to your home country after graduation. (If you are from the same country, this does not apply)
• Photos of two recent passports with your name and date of birth written on the back.
• Proof of financial records.
• Letter of reason and proof that you have paid student tuition (usually around 150USD)


Unless you are from an English country, Canadian universities will require you to provide proof of English proficiency. Some approved language tests are

Language testing is not one of the requirements for the application but it is a requirement for some Canadian universities that rely heavily on their country of origin.


Depending on your country of origin, you may have to appear at a visa application to handle your data types.

After applying for a Canadian student visa, the application process can take up to 90 days and you can call for an interview, depending on your country.

Do you have any questions about the Canadian Student Visa application? Look and of course we will answer them.