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The Experience 2019 – what You need to know

The Experience 14 – Lagos Gospel Music Concert 2019 Believers, are you ready? It is time again for the biggest Annual Gospel Music Praise and Worship concert. You guessed right – the experience Lagos worship concert of 2019. And this time, it is going to

A Tonic Solfa PDF you Must have

GET YOUR COPY OF THIS TONIC SOLFA PDF EBOOK FOR YOU GET, AND LET US WATCH YOU IMPROVE.    Hello, friends. Welcome back to PlayThePianos. It is a great pleasure to inform you that the Ebook you have been waiting for is now ready. Now, your

How to make money as a Musician

MAKING IT WITH THE POWER OF MUSIC PDF price: 1,000 for the first 20 people. WhatsApp: +2349031821332.    Hello, friends. Welcome back to PlayThePianos. I would like to use thus medium to thank all of us who use PlayThePianos. Thank you very much for your comments,

Mood VS Zeal – A must read for all Musicians

MOOD VS ZEAL – Propiece Emmax Welcome to PlayThePianos.    Imagine you were invited to a church to cover up for their absent keyboardist, and on your way to the church, you got insulted. That made you angry. Then when you got to the church and started

How to Download Youtube Videos about Music

How to download piano or other videos from youtube Welcome to PlayThePianos.    Hey! Have you ever felt that you need a more practical method of learning than only reading theories? Have you scanned through YouTube and had the desire to have your favourite video in your phone