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Amazing Solo by Cory Henry

Watch as Cory Henry plays awesome solos Cory Henry is an American R&B/Soul singer, music producer, songwriter, pianist, organist. He was born in New York in 1987. Cory Henry is known by the many as the best organist in the world. He works many times

Piano Seben Vol 3.5 by Levi

Some Seben Riffs for all Musicians Hello, friends. Welcome back to Playthepianos. This post belongs to the Seben category. If you love Seben or Makossa, this would really help you. This is another Seben video from Levi. In this video, he plays the Seben with

Piano Seben Tutorial Video by Levi

Cool Seben Breakdown for Musicians Welcome back to Playthepianos. This time, we have a tutorial video for those Seben lovers. This video is from Levi Pro. In it, he first plays some Seben riff, and then Levi teaches you how to play what he played.

Cory Henry and the Funk Apostles – A must watch

Cory Henry and the Funk Apostles – Live in Frankfurt, 2017 This is from the world’s best organist, Cory Henry. It was a jazz festival in 2017 in Frankfurt. Man, this is genius! I have watched this video many times and yet I won’t stop,

The Crusaders – Standing Tall Video (Live in LA, 1984)

The Crusaders – Standing Tall This is a really interesting video from the beginning till the end. Watch and share your view. The Crusanders Live in LA, 1984 ~ Standing Tall Joe Sample – Keys (Fender Rhodes) Wilton Felder – Saxophone Stix Hooper – Drums Eddie