Countries you can work while studying

The opportunity to work while teaching abroad is one of the biggest opportunities you can find in the major areas we have identified: Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

Although before the trip you have to show that you have the resources you need to support you during your stay, working as a student is the best way to pay extra for things like: attending games music and other shows, eating at great restaurants, seeing the towns in addition to the one where you learned in, storing, buying gifts for your favorites and much more.


Australia: While studying at work, you can work up to 40 hours per week for a program that will take at least 3 months, if you have a student insurance.

With this work area you will receive employee benefits such as medical assistance, paid leave and absence. But if you find yourself with a regular Service, you will not have those rights.

You can work a few hours each week or some full time days. To compensate for non-existent rights in this case, your regular salary may be more generous than any additional contract. Aboutari about working and training in Australia.


New Zealand: You may be able to work part-time (20 hours a week), while enrolling in any training program that will take more than 14 weeks, if you are a high school teacher 1st fee by New Zealand Government Zealand. LAE shows many schools that have this feature. Learn about working and training in New Zealand.

Canada: You can work up to 20 hours a week if you are studying major or technical class or higher which takes at least eight months. At rest, you can always learn. Learn about working and training in Canada to come soon.

Many other countries such as Ireland, the United Kingdom, and the United States also offer student employment opportunities, but it is often for special education students with special circumstances; not easy for all national and international students.