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How to Get 200MB for 50 Naira on MTN

We all know that MTN is the leading and most popular telecommunications company in Nigeria, and most parts of Africa at large. The Telecommunications company has an edge over its counterparts due to the speed of network connection.For many months, there has been a notable decline in the quality of service offered by the company.

Suddenly, MTN who was upon a time a giant, crashed steadily. This was as a result of a huge debt they found themselves in. Many of their free services, including the popular Who Wants To Be a Millionaire (WWTBMN). They had a fine of a few billions of Naira to settle, issued by the Federal Government of Nigeria, for their refusal to follow orders.

As a result of this, MTN increased the amount of services offered. There was high data cost, high call cost – high everything. They did this just to cover the fine. Also, there was an abrupt decline in the speed and quality of the network connection. Who loves to use a poor service at a high cost? Would you? I certainly don’t. Nobody does.

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Consequently, everybody made a quick shift away from MTN. There was a huge drop in the number of customers. MTN lost a lot of everything. But then, they had to recover quick. What is the best way to gain back more customers? By giving good cheap services. They drastically reduced the cost of buying data so that people would troop in back. So that is why you can purchase 200MB for 50 Naira, because it is normally not possible. It is way expensive than this.

Another surprising thing about this is that, this plan lasts for 14 days – that is two weeks. MTN is not known for this; the company is not this benevolent. But even though the strong network connection we once used to receive from MTN is no longer there, at least it is not the worst. And now, with the introduction of the 4G, it is even better. So now, how do you get this 200MB for 50Naira on MTN? Every easy! Conscientiously follow the procedures below and you will be smiling in a few minutes.

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Steps to get 200MB for 50Naira on MTN

Before we commence, I advise that you have at least 60 Naira on your MTN Sim card. This is going to cost us 50 Naira, but it is always safe to have something better. I don’t mean you shouldn’t have exactly 50 Naira, but it might be riskier.

1. Launch your contact and dial *121#

2. Select (1) TopDataDeals and enter.

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3. Now we can see that there are two options. You can either choose:300 Naira for 1.5GB or 50 Naira for 200MB. For the sake of this tutorial, we are going for 50 Naira for 200MB. Select Enter.The rest of the process is based on choice. 50 Naira will be deducted from your account immediately.

Simultaneously, you will be given your 200MB. Please note that this plan is neither for 3 days, nor is it for one week; the plan is valid for 14 days or 2 weeks.

If you can manage it well, it should be enough for two weeks. It means you won’t visit YouTube or Instagram.

That’s the end of this tutorial. That is how simple it is to activate the 200MB for 50 Naira plan on MTN. Thanks for reading. Sharing is Caring.