How to Download Youtube Videos about Music

How to download piano or other videos from youtube Welcome to PlayThePianos.    Hey! Have you ever felt that you need a more practical method of learning than only reading theories? Have you scanned through YouTube and had the desire to have your favourite video in your phone

The Mystery of the Augmented Chord

The Concept of the Augmented Chord Welcome to PlayThePianos.     Hello, friends. Welcome back to PlayThePianos in another chord series. In this lesson, we would be going into deep study on a particular type of chord named, Augmented chord. As usual, tho is a very interesting

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All about the Minor Scale

The Mystery of the Minor Scale on the Piano    Welcome to PlayThePianos again. This time we are going to be studying another type of scale known as the Minor scale. We will take a deep study on what the minor scale entails, how to

The Diminished Chord

All you need to know about the Diminished Chord Welcome to PlayThePianos.      In English language, to ‘diminish’ something means to make it smaller, lesser, less bigger or compressed than the original, while to make a thing augmented means to make it bigger, larger or

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