Axiology and Logic in Philosophy

Axiology and Logic in Philosophy AXIOLOGY     This is the study of values: the good (ethics) and the beautiful (aesthetic). Ethics is from the Greek work ‘Ethika,’ meaning ‘manners.’ It changed its meaning in English (in the 17th century) to the study of Science

Epistemology in Philosophy

Epistemology as a branch of Philosophy EPISTEMOLOGY     People often disagree over many issues in religion, politics  ethics, sociocultural and so on. This then raises the fundamental question “what can I know?” The branch of Philosophy that treats knowledge claims in general is known

The Main Branches of Philosophy

The Main Branches of Philosophy By: Sylvester I. Odia INTRODUCTION     Philosophy as a discipline, has four main branches. They are: Metaphysics, Epistemology, Axiology, and Logic. Here Philosophy is, as it were, at home trying to solve problems and resolve puzzles that can be

The History of Philosophy

History of Philosophy     Philosophy like any other discipline has a history, one that is rich, illustrious and interesting. Generally, there seems to be many reasons behind the historical approach to any field.     Mankind and the visible world are the products of

Definition and Meaning of Philosophy – Part 1

The Concept of Philosophy  INTRODUCTION     Generally, Philosophy is difficult to define. This difficulty is a problem to all Philosopher. It arises from (a) the complexity and diversity of the subject, (b) the fact that individual Philosopher view Philosophy differently. Their subjective definitions are