Tonic solfa of worship songs pdfThis is an opportunity for you to really improve. Get this music PDF, and watch yourself improve immensely in less than 2 months.

What you will get:

1. Tonic solfa of 85 Praise and Worship Songs.

2. How to find the Key, Tonic Solfa and Chord Progression of any song.

3. 30 Piano tutorial videos that will improve your skills in less than 2 months.

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PDF of Tonic Solfas of 85 praise and worship songs + how to find the key, solfa and chord of any song


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Tonic Solfas of Praise and worship songs + how to find the key, solfa and chord progression of any song

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Name: Tonic Solfas of 85 songs + how to find the Key, Tonic Solfa, and Chord Progression of any song by yourself!

Product details:

This is an eBook that contains the correct tonic solfas of 85 praise and worship songs. This eBook(PDF) has three parts. The first part has the tonic solfas of 70 popular worship songs. Some of these worship songs include:

You are God from beginning to the end

Here I am to worship

Narakele mo

Still You reign

Casting Crowns

You reign, You ancient Zion’s King

Olorun to da awon

The second part contains fifteen popular praise songs. Some of them are:

Hallelujah eh

Only You can do what no man can do

And lots more.

Note: The eBook contains songs in English, Yoruba and Igbo languages. These are also songs sung in Nigeria churches, but they should be known in many other countries.

The third part contains a quick lesson on how to find the key, tonic solfa and chord progression of any song without the help of anybody. For you to become a good instrumentalist, these are topics you must be well grounded in. This is a big opportunity to familiarise yourself with these topics and grow musically.

You can learn the solfas of any of your favourite gospel songs through this PDF, and begin to play them on your instrument in no time. This is a big leap towards being a better instrumentalist.

The fourth part contains 30 piano tutorial videos that will greatly improve your skills as a pianist. You must watch these videos. They will teach you many things you need to know, and I guarantee that in less than two months you will become a far better pianist. Come on, place your order now! Don’t miss this opportunity. The price will be increased soon.

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This solfa PDF is useful for everyone, whether beginner intermediate or advanced. As a music teacher, you can get it for your students. As a parent, you can buy the PDF for your children. You can buy this for yourself and practise.

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Here are excerpts from the PDF:





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