Quick easy ways to relocate to Canada to live and work

You can return to Canada to live or work or even both using a temporary work visa. However, with this type of passport, you will not be able to stay in Canada for long. But you can work with a passport to last longer than a work permit, and this is what everyone wants “late if they want”. Follow the steps listed here.

Immigration to Canada is a two-step process. Some immigrants come to Canada using a temporary / work visa and apply for permanent residence permits. You too can have yours.

Such a passport can take at least a month or so, it should not be too late. It is not as difficult as getting a regular residence permit. We will talk about eternal residence in a few moments, in another post.

Other types of passports you can get at least a month are for Canadian employees and business professionals. If a company outside Canada has a partnership with a business in Canada and employees are required to go to work in Canada, then the visa process will be simpler and easier to obtain.


For permanent permits and residence permits, this will be easier for those with family members living in Canada. In addition, guests in the group of traders, investors and skilled workers in the world to apply for a passport.

Canadian law uses a smart system where access is granted and scoring based on improved levels.

The easiest and easiest way to get to Canada is to apply as a professional and you must try as much as you can to have at least 67 out of 100 places.