Tonic solfa of Higher Ground

Solfa Notation and Tonic solfa of Higher ground (Mo ntesiwaju l’ona na)

Tonic solfa of Higher Ground
Solfa notation of Higher Ground

This post contains the correct and complete tonic solfa of Higher Ground

   Higher ground is a very popular hymnal. The song was written by J. Oatman, being led by the Spirit. This is just a simple song that one sings to ask God to take one to a higher plane. Below is the solfa of this great song:

Tonic solfa of Higher Ground

I’m pressing on the upward way

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 s     d      r      m   m   r    d       l

New height I’m gaining everyday

 r         d          l     s      d   m  d    r

Still praying as I onward bound

s       d      r     m m r     d       l

Lord plant my feet on higher ground.

r           d       l      s     d   m    r      d

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Lord lift me up and let me stand

d        m   f      s     s     f    m    f

By faith on heaven’s table land

r      r      m   f      f       m r     m

A higher plane than I have found

s   s    m      d        m   r    d        l

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Lord plant my feet on higher ground.

r          d        l      s     d   m   r       d

Yoruba language, thus sing is

Mo ntesiwaju l’ona na
Mo ngoke si lojojumo
Mo gbadura bi mo ti nlo
Oluwa jo gbe mi soke,

Oluwa, jo gbe mi soke
Fa mi lo si ibi giga
Apata t‘o ga ju mi lo
Oluwa jo gbe mi soke.

CAC Various Hymn 26.

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