Tonic solfa of Stand up for Jesus (Duro fun Jesu)


Tonic solfa of stand up stand up for Jesus

This post contains the solfa notation or tonic solfa of Stand up Stand Up for Jesus (Duro Duro fun Jesu).

Stand Up for Jesus is a popular hymn sung by many Christians for the purpose of encouraging the Body of Christ, the Soldiers to press till the end.

Tonic solfa of Stand Up for Jesus

Stand up, stand up for Jesus

   s        d     d       m   d   d   l

Ye Soldiers of the Cross

d    s      d     r   m      r

Lift high his royal banner

  s      d     d    m  d   d     l

It must not suffer loss.

d    s       d r m   r    d

From vict’ry unto vict’ry

d          r     r    d  r   m   m


His army shall he lead

m    f   m    l        r    d t

Till every foe is vanquished

  s   d  d     m   d   d     l

And Christ is  Lord indeed.

d        s       d r  m      r  d


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