Tonic Solfa of O worship the King (E wole f’Oba)

Solfa Notation of O Worship the King (E Wole F’Oba)

This post contains the tonic solfa of O worship the King. This hymn is a popular one.

Tonic Solfa of O Worship the King

O worship the King,

 s   d’    d’       r’   m’

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All glorious above;

 s’    d’   r’      t  d’

O gratefully sing,

 r’  m’    r’ d’    t

His pow’r and His love;

  d’     r’        d’     l     s

Our shield and defender,

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  s           d’     r’   m’ d’    l

The ancient of days;

  f’    m’    r’    d’   s’

Pavilion’d in splendour,

 s  l        t     d’   r’    s

And girded with praise.

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  m’    l    r’       t        d’

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