Used Yamaha PSR S670 for sale: A review


Here are the best used Yamaha PSR S670 keyboards for Sale in Nigeria

Used Yamaha PSR S670

I have some fairly used Yamaha PSR S670 keyboards available for sale in Nigeria only. In this post, I will walk you through a review of this workstation keyboard, including the features, price, and all information required for you to get one from us anywhere you are in Nigeria.

Before that, let me open your Eyes to somethings you may not now, as an introduction.

The PSR S670 is one of Yamaha’s biggest keyboard workstations. It has excellent sounds and features that will be talked about thoroughly in this in-depth article I have prepared for you.

Also, in case you want to purchase one, you will get all the information you need right here in this post. Let us dive in.

Today, the world revolves around music. Imagine a world without good sounds, Pianos and Keyboards, Saxophones, Drums. How would musicians like you and I even exist? Well, luckily for us, that is not the case.

All thanks to God and also the music industry. We must commend their effort as they steadily improve daily.

The Yamaha corporation has not failed in continuing to give the world the best and most affordable musical instruments and gears. It is for this reason that most musicians prefer to have Yamaha products.

The Yamaha brand has really earned itself a good name over the years. Among every ten musicians, nine are familiar with Yamaha and would choose Yamaha products over any other brand. It’s not a mystery why that stands, but I believe that all boils down to the fact that Yamaha corporation produces quality products.


Among several products produced by Yamaha are Pianos, Keyboards, Drums, Saxophones, Trumpets, Studio gears, and virtually 90% of known musical instruments to man.

As one would expect, a big corporation like this has extended borders into the international market a very long time ago.

Their products are sought for in all continents all over the world. The company does not only produce musical instruments, it has now expanded to other machines like motorcycles. However, this has not affected the production of quality musical instruments.

Talking about Keyboards, Yamaha produces the best models of Keyboards. I guess you must be familiar with a few. Some models are:

Yahama E series
Yahama S series
Yahama Tyros
Yamaha Montage
Yamaha Motif
Yamaha SX
Yamaha A series
Yamaha P series
Yamaha Clavinova
Yamaha Arius
Yamaha CP
Yamaha NP
Yamaha DGX
Yamaha MOD
Yamaha YPT
and others.

All these are very good models that are built for all levels of musicians. You may make a choice! Many professional keyboardists prefer the Tyros, Montage and Motif models over some other professional workstations.

Although these come with a huge price tag, the Keyboards are worth the prices.

Many people think that the PSR E series was made purposely for music greenhorns. If you just started learning how to play a keyboard, then this series should work fine for you.

In the PSR E series, some keyboards you will find are PSR E263, PSR E353, PSR E363, PSR E433, PSR E443, PSR E453, PSR E463. They are all nice Keyboards and are very affordable.

You will most likely find the price range to be between a few dollars less than 100 to a few hundreds of dollars.

Next on my list is the S series. This series of Yamaha keyboards comes with more advanced functions, features and settings. It breaks the limitations the S series has.

Some keyboards you will find in this series are PSR S500, PSR S650, PSR S670, PSR S770, PSR S970, PSR S975. The highest in this series is the S975.

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We do not know why Yamaha decided to stop the series at 975 instead of hitting 1000 but they certainly know what they are doing. Lol.

As one would expect, the workstation keyboards in this series are more expensive than the previously mentioned E series, but sure, the price increases with the value. For the sake of this post, we will focus on the monster: the PSR S670 arranger Workstation Keyboard.

I will give you in details, the features, specs, overview. And just to let you know, you can order a fairly used Yamaha PSR S670 from us at the most affordable price with warranty. You will find more information on how to order a clean one right in this post. Let us move on…

Second-hand PSR s670 for sale

Please note that this is a review of used Yamaha PSR S670 Keyboards that are currently for sale.

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Used Yamaha PSR S670 for sale

The used Yamaha PSR S670 keyboards available for sale, come with a stunning design. You may want to have a look at the images in this post to understand what I am talking about, as words may not be enough for you to grasp the reality. The design and feel of this Monster are just so excellent.

The body of the PSR S670 has a solid feel, which is a perfect foil to the player’s enthusiasm and provides a high level of owner satisfaction.

The unique shape of the sides merges beautifully with the bass reflex ports that deliver a powerful sound and contributes to improved overall sound quality. The front of the body features a bold diagonal cut that creates a powerful impression and makes the keyboard seem to jump out at the player.

In reality, this series of smooth, continuous surfaces are positioned to lead the viewer’s eyes from one surface of the design to the following.


S670 voice and expansion packs

The used Yamaha PSR S670 for sale is a better model compared to its predecessors. It comes with more number of Voices and also improved quality. It comes with 416 Voice + 34 Drum/SFX Kits + 480 XG Voices, making a total of 930 Voices. Cool.

Compare this with PSR S650, which is the keyboard directly before S670, with 359 voices. It is a huge difference. Our London used PSR S670 also comes with this.

Mega Voices feature various playing articulations, techniques and performance sounds and are used in accompaniment styles to provide ultra-realistic expression.


Talking about styles, guess how many styles our fairly used keyboards have. It’s the same with a new keyboard. It has 230 styles in total. 208 Pro Styles, 12 Session Styles, 10 DJ Styles.
Accompaniment Styles add a “backing band” to your performances while you remain in complete control of chord changes and arrangements.

Voice & Style Expansion Packs

You won’t believe that this is a feature that will take your music to another dimension. In case you are thirsty for more authentic voices and styles (including various ethnic groups, traditions, diverse genres), then this is for you.y

About Expansion Packs, there is a whopping number of them. Some others are available for sale on the Yamaha website.

In the expansion packs, you will find a very impressive and eclectic mix of new styles and Voices from various locations, ranging from Europe, Mexico, Vietnam etc.

You will find dance rhythms across the Caribbean to the Americans and so on. Modern styles like Electro Cumbia, and many traditional Styles like Chilenas, Chuchaca.

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Thanks to Yamaha’s new Voice & Style Expansion Packs for the PSR. You can take advantage of a wide selection of regional, ethnic and traditional Voices and Styles.


Load them to your PSR and instantly play authentic sounds, rhythm and backing in the musical style of your choice!

Control Knobs

Fairly used Yamaha PSR S670 in Nigeria

For the first time, the Yamaha PSR S series comes with a totally different function. It is the control knobs. On Keyboards that have control knobs, there are two of them in most keyboards in the E and S series.

The control knobs were once in PSR E423 to PSR E463 but for some reason known to Yamaha, they removed the knobs in the PSR S500 to PSR S650. Now, it is back in PSR S670.

Well, Yamaha has its way of blowing minds. The two control knobs are far better and more improved than that of the highest keyboard in the PSR E series, that is, PSR E463.

It gives advanced and more stage feel to the music. The two assignable, real-time control knobs let you filter and adjust your sound just like an analog synthesizer! How cool!

How to use the control Knobs?

All you have to do is to assign the control knobs to a variety of different functions, such as cutoff and resonance, reverb and chorus. The assign button is placed on the left-hand side of the two control knobs. Just a tap on the assign button will do the trick.

Once you have assigned the functions to the knobs, simply twist the knobs to add expression and effect to the styles and voices in real-time.


Psr s670 price

There is also an improved connection interface. You can now go wireless! With our used PSR S670 for sale in Nigeria, you can now connect your wireless audio and MIDI controller over WIFI by utilizing Yamaha’s USB LAN adapter and Android and iOS apps that are compatible.

DJ Styles

Psr 670 review

This is a new live performance concept where you can operate your keyboard just like a DJ, and I mean in real-time!

In this programme, there are a collection of featured chord progressions so that you don’t have to play chords. This will be done for you. It gives you the opportunity to do some other stuff with your hands. Stuff like controlling the live knobs, playing melody lines, using the multipads etc.

Achieving this is as simple as ABC. You may also decide to hold the chord while the monster plays the phrase for you. There are endless possibilities.

Function Buttons

These are buttons that aid easy and seamless performance when operating your keyboard. Some of the buttons you will find on this monster are:
Dual and Left (For Basslines)
Intro, and others.

Audio Recording

With this monster, you can record your live performances with good sound quality into a flash. The interface has been improved and is easily understood. Also, the memory size of the keyboard is improved to save in more files.

You can save your recorded files to your keyboard or to your computer. After recording, there is always the option to playback what you have recorded. You can play it as long as you want and even tweak it to your taste.

You can record and play audios for up to 16 tracks. With this, you may create full arrangements or playback songs as you wish.

Chord Tracking App

With Yamaha’s mobile app, you can track the chords used in any audio song. With the app, you can extract the chord sequence in an audio file and connect the instrument to your mobile device to practise or play along.

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Foot Pedals

With the foot pedals, you will take your performance to another level. Sadly, only a few are aware of the potentials of sustain Pedals. You can connect an FC4A, FC5 and also an FC7 pedal to your Yamaha PSR S670 arranger Workstation Keyboard.

Psr-s670 features

Do you know that with just one sustain pedal connected to your keyboard you can control:
Pitchbend, sustain, tempo, slide, glide, bass drums, hi-hats, variations, volume and many other elements in music? Now you know.

All these and many more are what you will get by purchasing a used Yamaha PSR S670 from us. It does not matter where you are, in as much as you are in Nigeria.


Name: Yamaha PSR S670 Workstation Arranger keyboard

Status: Used
Price Range: Usually between 120 to 200 thousand Naira.

Product Weight: 26 Pounds
Number of Keys: 61
Type: Workstation Keyboard
Product Dimension: 43.7 x 20.7 x 9.1 inches

Now your turn…

Should I buy a fairly used Yamaha Psr S670?

Well, I would say the decision is yours. With the review I have just written about the used Yamaha Psr S670 for sale, then the stage is yours. If you feel it will meet up with your demands, then why not give it a shot!

But if you think you are not satisfied with what the workstation keyboard offers, then my advice for you is to go for what you want. After all, there are a lot of alternatives and options you can choose from any time.

Whenever you want to purchase a new or used version of any keyboard, I can always help with that.

What are the benefits of buying a used musical instrument from you?

  • Three months warranty on purchase
  • Neat and perfect keyboard, as good as new.
  • You will get your order anywhere you are in Nigeria at no time!
  • You may pay when your order gets to you.

Where can I buy used one?

Good question! This post was written to give you directions. If you are reading this post for the purpose of buying a brand new keyboard, then click here to place an order. If you are in Nigeria, and you want to buy a used keyboard, then call or WhatsApp message 09031821332 to negotiate. Note that at the moment, the used Keyboards are only available for Nigerians only.

Where can I get a used Yamaha PSR S670?

You can get one for the best quality and most affordable price by calling or WhatsApp-texting 09031821332. Your order will be transported to any state you are in Nigeria. In case you need a new Yamaha PSR S670 Arranger Workstation, you should reach out to the same mobile number.

How much is a fairly used Yamaha PSR S670 in Nigeria?

Let your mind be set to at least 160,000 Naira to 280,000 Naira, depending on the quality of the keyboard, the economy, the seller and all other factors attached. You know what I mean.. But lucky you, I can sell to you, the best-used keyboard at the most affordable price you can never imagine, and with warranty.

Do you accept payment after delivery?

Yes, we do. You can always pay after your order has reached you, and after accessing the goods. If it is not what you expected, you reject it

So now, the stage is yours