Used Yamaha PSR S770 for sale: Honest Review


Here are the Best and Most Affordable Used Yamaha PSR S770 workstation keyboards available for sale

Used Yamaha PSR S770 for sale in Nigeria

You might be asking, “where can I get a used Yamaha PSR S770 for sale in Nigeria?” Well, it is my pleasure to let you know that you have found the right place. We sell both new and used keyboards, and in this post, I want to walk you through an in-depth review of the keyboards.

In case you want to purchase one from us, then I have added my mobile number and all necessary information you need, to get your order, at the end of this post. All you need to do is to place an order.

I must point out the fact that we do not sell out counterfeit goods or engage in fraudulent transactions. All used goods that are sold from this site are genuine and in good conditions.

In order to give you confidence in us, most of our good keyboards come will 6 months warranty. Also, you can always pay on delivery if you wish.

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Benefits of buying a used keyboard

Used keyboards, also known as “second-hand keyboards”, have become the trend among many musicians. Not everyone believes in getting new musical instruments.

There are thousands of reasons why you should buy a second-hand keyboard. In case you do not know, I will talk about a few.

To start with, getting yourself a used keyboard will beat cost ultimately. It is interesting to know that you can cut cost by going for already-used goods.

There was a time I saw the price of a used Yamaha keyboard being reduced to half its initial price. Guess what. The used keyboard still had the same function and even appearance when compared with a new one. But why was it slashed? It was slashed simply for the fact that it has been used.

Also, there is little or no difference between a new and a well-maintained used keyboard. Yes, I can say that again. The only difference is that while one is new, the other is used.

They offer the same functions. They are used for the same job. So one cares if it is new or not.
In fact, some used keyboards were really taken care of before they became available for sale. One could easily think that those were brand new.

Disadvantages of buying a second-hand keyboard

Hidden faults

Some keyboard dealers are heartless. They won’t miss the slightest chance to make some money off naive buyers. Many of them are aware of the faulty state of the musical instruments but yet they won’t take steps to fix it.

There are some faults that won’t show up while testing a musical instrument in the music store. They will only appear when it is time for you to relax and practise at home. These are the worst problems and they get really frustrating. You deserve a refund and compensation for this if this has ever happened to you.


Due to the manner in which a previous owner used it, it may develop some distortions. Broken screen, scratch, damaged buttons and keys, speakers, and so on. You should try as much as possible to avoid these even if it is sold at a pretty low price.

Apart from these, there is no major bad side of buying used pianos and keyboards.

I have clearly stated the downsides of purchasing a used musical instrument, just to make my point balanced. Nevertheless, it does not mean a used musical instrument should not be purchased. What it means is that one should be careful while selecting one.

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Good news

Here is good news for you: when buying any used keyboard from us, you don’t have to worry yourself about faults because we guarantee you the best – as good as new. We understand your risk and put ourselves in your shoes. We will deliver nothing other than the best, with the neatest packaging and the best shape, and also with six months warranty.

At this point, you may be having a hard time while trying to make a decision on whether to or not to buy a used Yamaha PSR S770. Well, that is not all there is. I am just about to reveal to you deep secrets about this keyboard. I am convinced that you will conclude at the right decision immediately you read this review.
Let us dive in…


Yamaha PSR-S770 voice and style expansion

The PSR-s770 is one of the biggest and most powerful arranger workstations in the PSR S series. There are altogether about 14 keyboards in the “S” family. It boasts of neat design and impressive features uncommon to average keyboards of this price range.

This keyboard was designed by Yamaha, to be an affordable workstation that offers just what you need to make good music off and on-stage, with the introduction of more quality and authentic voices, improved functions, and an easy-to-navigate interface. That is just but a few.

Slightly above this is the PSR-s775 arranger workstation keyboard. It is the immediate “elder brother” to the s770. There is just an almost negligible difference between both keyboards, that one could think they are same.

Also, I must not forget to make mention of the PSR s970. It is believed to be the true father or senior to the Yamaha s770. The differences are more prominent here with big improvements.
In terms of price, since I am reviewing a used keyboard, we have made the price very affordable for all our buyers. Prices are negotiable, and I am confident that you will get satisfied.

You might want to watch a video review>>>

A review of the used Yamaha PSR S770 keyboards available for sale



A unique feature that comes with this awesome workstation is its richness in the number and quality of voices. We cannot overemphasize how important and necessary it is for a keyboard to not only have good timbre, but also a wide variety of voices to choose from in order to “fit in”. The PSR-s770 keyboards meet this criterion.

The used Yamaha Psr-S770 comes with a total of 1346 Voices. Compare this with the s650 which has 865 voices and s670 with 930 voices. That is epic, really.

Here is a clean break down:
There are 830 Voices with an addition of 36 Drum/SFX Kits and 480 XG Voices. All this includes 67 Super Articulation Voices, 71 Live! Voices, 64 Cool! Voices, 27 Sweet! Voices, 23 Mega Voices, 20 Organ Flutes! This category of voices is special.

It is time for you to get real with your sound. Yamaha Corporation has carefully sampled the voices. They are just what you need to take your music to the next level.

Apart from this, there is a professional suite effect you can add to the voices to make them even better. There is flexibility, real flexibility, in choice: you are not limited. You can tweak the sounds to suit yourself and satisfy your audience.


Talking about styles, there is a wide variety of them already installed. You will find a total number of 360 Accompaniment Preset Styles. This includes 322 Pro Styles, 27 Session Styles, 10 DJ Styles and 1 Free Play.

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The accompaniment styles were chosen from a wide variety of genres. You will find styles from various locations and traditions in the world.

You are free to modify the styles and even create new styles if need be. The interface is friendly.

Voice & Style Expansion Packs

There are numerous expansion packs in the PSR-s770. It is bigger and better.

Yamaha did not restrict users. With the “Voice & Style Expansion Pack”, you can break limits. Get introduced to authentic sounds and music patterns from various regions and traditions of the world, including diverse music genres.

You may purchase various voice & style expansion packs packs if you are hungry for more. They are available on Yamaha’s website All you need to do is to load your files and start jamming!

Polyphony – used Yamaha PSR S770 for sale


The Yamaha PSR-s770 comes with a value of 128 polyphonies.
Polyphony is the total number of notes that can sound at the same time. It is important for a keyboard to have a high Polyphony because it is not only the voices that count but the accompaniment styles too.


The Yamaha PSR-s770 comes with an interesting feature. There are a lot of interconnections you can make between the keyboard and other devices. This was built with the sole aim to link devices in order to expand your music.

Mic and Guitar Input

One of the interesting things you will find here is the Mic/Guitar input. Keyboard players have the opportunity to connect either a microphone or a Guitar into the Mic or Guitar port. Even without being connected to a loudspeaker, the powerful in-built speakers will take care of this.
There is the Headphone output, where you can connect your keyboard to your headphone, and also a stereo line that helps to amplify signals.
There are also rooms for USB flash drive and a USB MIDI to host ports. All these are valuable connection ports that can work for music producers.
You will also find ports to connect sustain pedals. You can use a connected sustain pedal, through the controller function, as a pitch bend, sustain, glide, slide, variation, and many more.

LCD Screen Display

LCD screen display

The PSR-s770 comes with a large screen with an LCD display that gives you the best of screen experience while relating with the workstation. You can seamlessly take a glance at the screen at any time and find what you are searching for.

Control Knobs

Control Knobsr

The used Yamaha PSR S770 keyboards come with two live assignable control knobs that will give you the most memorable stage experience. You can assign effects and filters to give your music additional richness.
The control knobs are on the left-hand side of the keyboard. They enable you to add real-time effects.

DJ Features and Chord Looping

Psr-s770 dj features

You too can now play the role of a professional DJ! The Yamaha PSR-S770 makes this possible. It comes with an improved DJ interface for editing music
You do not have to always play chords with your left hand. Chord progressions can be programmed to play automatically as a loop. This leaves both hands free to play melody lines, use the control knobs, or made other effects.

Internal Memory

Used Yamaha PSR S770 available for sale

Each of the PSR S770 keyboards has a maximum of 13MB storage space. This gives us even more storage space when compared to the 2MB of storage space that the Yamaha PSR S670 offers. You could always expand with external memory storage like Flash Drive through the USB to device port.

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Other Function Buttons

Function buttons

These are helpful buttons that you are expected to see on an average keyboard. The PSR-S770 does not lack these. Instead, they are improved.


Some of them include:
Transpose, Octave, Metronome, Left, Dual, Tempo, DSP, Touch Response, Multi Pads, Assign, and many more.

USB audio recording and playback

Used Yamaha PSR S770 for sale

With the PSR-S770’s USB input, you can make and record music with studio-quality and effects. This recording can be saved into your flash drive or into the keyboard itself.
Another enjoyable feature is that the keyboard adds depth and versatility to any musical event through the USB audio player. In other words, audio files in your mobile device can be played on the keyboard (with its better speaker system) via the USB port.

All this and many more will you find in this arranger workstation keyboard. Now let us take a look at a summary of the features of the Yamaha PSR S770 keyboards for sale.


Number of Voices: 830 Voices with an addition of 36 Drum/SFX Kits and 480 XG Voices
Connectivity: Micro/guitar input, Headphones, USB to Host, USB to device, Sustain pedal, MIDI input/output, Auxiliary input, Line output
Touch Response Settings: Hard1, Hard2, Medium, Soft1, Soft2
Control Knobs: 2
Memory: 13MB, expandable through external memory storage like Flash.
Colour: Metallic Dark Grey
Max Polyphony: 128
Wheels: Pitch Bend and Modulation
Preset Styles: 360 Accompaniment Preset Styles. This includes 322 Pro Styles, 27 Session Styles, 10 DJ Styles and 1 Free Play
Number of Audio Tracks: 16
Metronome: Yes
Transpose: Yes
Speakers: 2 very powerful 15W speakers

Product Specifications

Number of Keys: 61
Width: 1,002 mm
Height: 148 mm
Depth: 437 mm
Weight: 11.1 kg
Display: 7 inches
Amplifiers: 15 W x 2
Speakers: 13 cm x 2 + 5 cm x 2

Now your turn…

Are there any used PSR S770 keyboards for sale?

Yes and no. The availability is dependent on when you find this post. But in most cases, there is a high tendency to find some in-store.

How much can I get a used Yamaha PSR S770 keyboard from you?

Generally, there is no fixed price. The price of one may differ from another, whether new or used. The price depends on many factors, including the seller.

How much are you willing to sell one for me?

As of when writing this post, the current price is 195,000 Naira. This is negotiable. The best thing to do is to give us a call so as to know the current price because the price fluctuates.

Do you do International delivery for used keyboards?

No. As at now, we deliver used keyboards only in Nigeria. In as much as you are in Nigeria, we will deliver your item.
But this is not the case for New musical instruments. Our associates deliver goods from country to country all over the world.

By what means can I contact you so as to talk better?

Pretty easy. Just call, WhatsApp message or text 09031821332 for more enquiries or to make an order. If there is any question, you could also drop a comment.

Do you accept payment-on-delivery?

Yes, we do. You may choose to pay when the goods get to your doorstep. The choice is all yours.

So, guys, that is just a review of our used Yamaha PSR S770 keyboards for sale in Nigeria. I hope I was able to unveil realities and make you see the arranger workstation keyboards for what they really are. Thanks for visiting.