New Yamaha PSR S770 for sale

Order for this excellent Yamaha PSR S770 workstation arranger keyboard to your doorstep

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Yamaha PSR S770 Price: 362,000 Naira.

It is worth the price!!! This is Yamaha PSR S770 review.

Yamaha psr s770 review and description

   Yamaha PSR S770 has most amount of tones, voices, and styles than any other PSR Series. It is an excellent keyboard that everyone MUST get.

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   In addition, this state-of-art keyboard comes with flexible features of audio editing tools that let’s users tweak audio sounds to create a unique voices and styles. Yamaha PSR S770 for sale. Yamaha PSR S770 review.

This unique feature puts the Yamaha PSR S770 on the top of ultimate throne of arranger workstations.

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Key features

Yamaha PSR S770 Arranger Workstation keyboard for sale.

Double-X Keyboard Stand

Universal Piano-Style Sustain Pedal

X-Style Piano Bench

Studio Monitor Headphones

Keyboard Bag

10′ Dual 1/4″ TRS to Dual 1/4″ TRS Cable

15′ USB Cable

3′ Stereo Mini to Stereo Mini Cable

16GB USB Flash Drive





Size (L x W x H cm):Width: 1,002 mm; Height: 148 mm; Depth: 437 mm;

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Weight (kg):11.1


Main material:Plastic

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